Service Lines 
We see it time after time; majority of homeowners do not know that their homeowners insurance does not cover underground piping and wiring that’s located on their property. The average ticket for repairing your service lines could cost you over $5,000 out of pocket should your sewer line burst, etc… 

What makes it even more difficult for homeowners is that many insurance companies & carriers do not provide coverage for service lines, but here at The Legacy Insurance Group, we have you covered! Not only do we have you covered, it’s affordable, too. 

What is Service Line Coverage? 

Service Line Coverage provides payment for physical damage to covered service lines that is the result of service line failure. “Covered Service Lines” are underground wiring or piping on your property that you are liable to repair or replace should damage occur.

What is a Service Line?
• Water pipes connecting the dwelling or other structures to a public water supply system; private well system; cistern or retention pond; or heating system located outside the dwelling.
• Sewer pipes connecting the dwelling or other structures to a public sewer system or private septic system.
• Power lines and/or electrical wiring.
• Drain pipes that drain water away from the dwelling or other structure.
• Ground-loop pipes that connect to a heat pump.
• Communication or data-transmission wiring.

What would be considered “Service Line Failure?”
Physical damage (break, leak, tear, collapse, rupture, arcing) of a covered service line, that occurs as a result of external events or environmental conditions (such as tree root invasion, deterioration, freezing).

Actual footage of the result of a sewer line busting. Get coverage, today!


Give us a call for a fast, free quote on Service Line Coverage. You’ll be glad you did!  
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